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Check out the Live Webinar Replay

If you missed the Live Webinar, you can check out the free replay now. Watch Spicer sculpt with a bit of anatomy.

About the Course

In this course you will learn how to create a dynamic character in pose to use for 3D Printing and how to render the character in Keyshot, Zbrush and Marmoset. This Character Creation course will consist of 6 LIVE 1-on-1 sessions accompanied with pre-recorded lectures focusing on demystifying the body and Zbrush. Plus, you are joining the top-tier, VIP, exclusive community all working hard to become a valuable and respected artist. Every week you will have a new lecture to help you understand anatomy and Zbrush that you can watch at your own pace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to use Zbrush to create a male/female character  

  • Be able to create hard-surface props and objects 

  • Know how to set up a render in Keyshot/Marmoset/Zbrush 

  • Know how to avoid common anatomical mistakes with the body and face 

  • Know how to use Marvelous Designer to create clothing 

  • Know how to use Substance Painter and Zbrush together to achieve high details 

How it Works

In this course, you will have access to 80+ modules of anatomy, sculpting, lighting, rendering, and compositing. You will have 6 weekly 1hr+ meetings to address your foundations and strategies to help you become a better collectible sculptor. In addition, you will have an incredible amount of bonus content you won't see anywhere else. Not only that, but you will have access to EVERY LIVE SESSION XMD has ever done for this course. **Original Image Concept by Sergi Brosa**
Original Concept by Sergi Brosa

What Exactly is This Course?

A lot of character artists sculpt just what they see on their reference and try to replicate it. We are going to go deeper into the understanding of the skull and skeleton. Develop the knowledge and confidence to hit our landmarks and proportions. Separating you further from the rest.  No more guessing and shadow sculpting.  After we have our new anatomy knowledge, we will move onto posing our character. Focusing on movement, balance and directing the eye of the viewer to provide the best impact.   We will be creating props, clothing, armor and base to complete our collectible. Then we can start exporting our assets into Substance Painter. Then we will apply the fine details and believable surface textures to take your sculpt to the next level.   After this, we take a quick look at setting up a render in Zbrush, Keyshot, and Unreal Engine. Giving you the versatility, you need to present your collectible in your portfolio or to a client for approvals.  

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Mug Check

  • 3

    Building an Empire

    • Rig Overview

    • Posing Overview

    • Maya to ZBrush Setup

    • ZModeler Basics and Beyond

    • Quick Armor Generation

    • Quick Clothing Generation

    • Articulating the Skeleton

    • Matchmaker For Character Blockouts

    • Weekly Files

    • Challenge #2

  • 4

    Rock Your Body Right - Part 1

    • Upper Body Overview

    • Deltoid Anatomy Lecture

    • Deltoid Sculpting Lecture

    • Pectoralis Anatomy Lecture

    • Pectoralis Sculpting Lecture Timelapse

    • Abs Overview

    • Upper Back Anatomy Lecture

    • Upper Back Anatomy Sculpting Lecture

    • Challenge #3

    • Weekly Files

  • 5

    Rock Your Body Right - Part 2

    • Lower Back Overview

    • Bicep / Triceps Anatomy Lecture

    • Bicep / Triceps Sculpting Lecture

    • Bicep / Triceps Sculpting Timelapse

    • Forearm Overview

    • Upper Leg Overview

    • Lower Leg Overview

    • Challenge #4

  • 6

    Rock Your Body Right - Part 3

    • Neck Overview

    • Hand Overview

    • Foot Overview

    • Anatomy Sketch Timelapse

    • Challenge #5

  • 7

    ZBrush In-Depth

    • Workflow Overview

    • Creating Clean Geo

    • Creating IMM Brushes

    • Using Nanomesh

    • Using ArrayMesh

    • Challenge #6

  • 8

    It's Marvelous!

    • Marvelous Workflow Overview

    • Preparing ZBrush Model

    • Creating Clothing - Part 1

    • Creating Clothing - Part 2

    • Marvelous Designer to ZBrush

    • Challenge #7

  • 9

    Import / Export

    • Import / Export Workflow Overview

    • ZBrush to Maya

    • Maya UVs

    • Substance Overview

    • Substance to ZBrush

    • Challenge #8

  • 10

    High-Class Details

    • How to Sculpt Skin Details

    • How to Sculpt Hair

    • Rapid Prototype Keying

    • Challenge #9

  • 11

    Blender Render

    • ZBrush to Blender Cycles

    • How to Install GoB

  • 12

    Keyshot Rendering for Characters

    • Lighting Styles

    • Analyzing What Works

    • KeyShot Workflow

    • Photoshop Workflow Zatanna

    • Bonus: Rendering in Marmoset

    • Challenge #10

    • Weekly Files

  • 13

    Bonus: Actions of a Champion - Part 1

    • Actions of a Champion

    • Creating a Sword – Timelapse

    • Magic and Dragons – Timelapse

    • Scales – Timelapse

    • Hair and Dragon Hands – Timelapse

    • Refining the Dragon Head – Timelapse

    • Refining the Dragon Head - Timelapse - Continued

    • Lips & Hair Refinement – Timelapse

  • 14

    Bonus: Actions of a Champion - Part 2

    • Hair Keyshot Composite

    • Marvelous Designer

    • ZBrush Refinement

    • Keyshot Rendering

    • ZBrush Armor & Clothing Creation

  • 15

    Bonus: Actions of a Champion - Part 3

  • 16

    From Start to Finish - A Spawn Tutorial - Follow Along

    • Chapter 01-03

    • Chapter 04

    • Chapter 05

    • Chapter 06

    • Chapter 07

    • Chapter 08

    • Chapter 09-10

    • Chapter 11

    • Chapter 12

    • Chapter 13

    • Chapter 14

    • Chapter 15

    • Chapter 16

    • Chapter 17

    • Chapter 18

    • Chapter 19

    • Chapter 20

    • Chapter 21

    • Chapter 22

  • 17

    From Start to Finish - A Spawn Tutorial - Commentary

    • 1-3 Hours

    • 4th Hour

    • 9th hour

    • 10th Hour

    • 12th Hour

  • 18

    From Start to Finish - A Spawn Tutorial - Timelapse

    • Chapter 01

    • Chapter 02

    • Chapter 03

    • Chapter 04

    • Chapter 05

    • Chapter 06

    • Chapter 07

    • Chapter 08

    • Chapter 09

    • Chapter 10

    • Chapter 11

    • Chapter 12

    • Chapter 13

    • Chapter 14

    • Chapter 15

    • Chapter 16

    • Chapter 17

  • 19

    Live Sessions Archive Season 01

    • CCC - Live Session - Week01 - 03-11-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week02 - 03-16-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week03 - 03-23-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week04a - 03-30-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week04b - 03-30-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week05 - 04-06-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06 - 04-17-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week07 - 04-27-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week08 - 05-04-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week09 - 05-11-2019

    • CCC - Live Session - Week10 - 05-18-2019

  • 20

    Live Sessions Archive Season 02

    • CCC - Live Session - Week01 - 07-20-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week02 - 07-24-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week04 - 08-7-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week05 - 08-17-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06 - 08-21-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06 - 08-24-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06.5 - 08-28-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06.5 - 08-31-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week01 - 07-24-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week07 - 09-7-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week08 - 09-11-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week04 - 08-10-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week08 - 09-14-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week09 - 09-18-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week02 - 07-27-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week05 - 08-14-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week09 - 09-21-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week10 - 10-02-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week10 - 10-05-19

    • CCC - Live Session - Week03 - 08-3-19

  • 21

    Live Sessions Archive Season 03

    • CCC - Live Session - Week01 - 03-11-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week01 - 03-14-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week02 - 03-18-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week02 - 03-21-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week03 - 03-25-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week03 - 03-28-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week04 - 04-01-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week04 - 04-04-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week05 - 04-08-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week05 - 04-11-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06 - 04-15-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week06 - 04-22-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week07 - 04-25-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week07 - 04-29-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week08 - 05-02-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week08 - 05-06-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week09 - 05-09-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week09 - 05-13-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week10 - 05-16-2020

    • CCC - Live Session - Week10 - 05-20-2020

  • 22

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  • What is the difference between the Live and On Demand Course?

    The Live course includes live interaction with your instructor. There is a private session that only Live students can attend. This happens at least twice a month. There are also live streaming sessions the students can attend. The on demand course does not include instructor interaction. Think of it as a tutorial set.

  • When does the course begin?

    The course begins immediately upon purchase. You get the entire course immediately. No need to wait. Jump in and start today.

  • How do I get feedback and help?

    If you purchase the live class, you have immediate access to your instructor. You can post your homework in the homework sections. You can also email your instructor or catch them on Discord.

  • What happens when registration closes?

    You will have to wait till the next open registration to join the course.

  • How will I know when there are live sessions?

    There is a calendar for every course that will let you know the time and place of every live session.

  • What am I getting for my money?

    This course will change your life. You are not only buying information, you are investing in yourself. The amount of information you will get from this course is insane. If you put the time in, you will grow as an artist.

  • Life-Time Access?

    Yes! You get actual Life-Time Access to any course you purchase. What does this mean? Well, anything that is added, changed, amended, or developed for this course, you will have access to. You will always have access. FOR LIFE!

  • How long are the courses?

    Each courses length can change at any time. It may get longer (never shorter). Every course you take at your own pace. The course can be 5 weeks, or 2 years. It is up to you!

  • What kind of 1 on 1 interaction will I have with my instructor?

    You will have live private sessions with the instructor to get feedback and critiques. You may also contact your instructor in several other ways as well.

What Students are Saying

“What I’ve learned from taking Character Creation for Collectibles has not only improved my knowledge of the human body and how to better my personal models, but has already made for vast improvements in my work for clients starting from the first couple weeks of classes. I think anyone wanting to better their figurine models will benefit from this class.”

Joana Abbott

“Simply amazing. The best experience in an online course I have ever had. Spicer is a wonderful instructor. A great experience overall, worth every penny!”

Nina Haftka

“A very fun and interesting course, for any intermediate artist who wants to be better. With a large focus on anatomy, Spicer taught us with a lot of patience and great guidance. Was an awesome course from awesome people like Spicer and Michael.”

Andres Ruibal

“An amazingly immersive and informative 10 weeks of professional advice and critique. Mr. Spicer is an incredibly patient and extremely helpful instructor. Small learning curve up front, but overcame that very quickly with easy access to the XMD Academy website, the course resources and engaging with classmates. Loved that the lectures are recorded and that I can go back to any of the modules as often as I want. I definitely learned alot; the course exceeded my expectations.”

Amir Perwaz

“XMD Acadamy has hired some real Heavy Hitters!! Spicer is the "REAL DEAL" I learned a lot, and I've been in the game Industry for 15+ years! This was simply an amazing course.”

Dan Bingham

“Spicer is an amazing teacher, I can't wait to apply everything I learned. Thanks to this course, I will improve my future work for sure.”

Nicolas Bigeard

Software Requirements

  • ZBrush
  • Maya will be used for lecture work, but you can use any other 3d modeling package such as 3dsMax, Blender, Houdini or Cinema4D (Trial and Educational Versions Available)
  • Graphics Tablet (Wacom or similar)
  • Substance Painter (Trial and Educational Versions Available) 
  • Unreal Engine (Free)  
  • Photoshop (Trial and Educational Versions Available) 
  • Marvelous Designer (Trial and Educational Versions Available)

I will be using ZBrush, Maya, Keyshot, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer and the Unreal Engine for the examples and lectures but you can substitute any other programs as the concepts will remain the same.   

The rigged characters provided with the course are made to be used with Maya.  

Must have a beginner’s understanding of ZBrush as time will not allow us to go over the very basics of the program. Knowing the basics of ZBrush such as how to get to main menu items and basic hot keys is preferred.  

Bonus Content

2 Extra Modules and Counting!

Over 3 Hours of Bonus Content in 2 bonus modules! Spicer lives up to his promise of always over-delivering. In these 2 bonus modules, you get several hours of time-lapse content as well as Marvelous Designer and Keyshot content!

Meet Your Instructor

Spicer McLeroy


My name is Spicer McLeroy and I'm the 1x CG Channel Frank Frazetta Homage Digital Sculpting Champion of 2010. Certified by Ryan Kingslien himself. I'm the super hero sculpting machine that delivers on time and above expectation. It's what I do best and have learned how to expand my knowledge, skills and execution through the comic book world. With these abilities I've delivered projects ranging from creating custom super hero statues for private high-end collectors and commissioners all the way to creating beasts and beings that end up in high class boutiques like Dior in all the major markets of the world. On top of creating characters and props for high-demand clients such as Universal Studios, Dior, Gearbox Software, Petersen Games, Scenic Sets and 2k Games I also teach Organic Modeling at the University of the Incarnate Word in which the head of the department has repeatedly said, “These are the best results we have seen out of this class.” So, don't get it twisted ladies and gentlemen! We are going to level you up like you've never been upped before. Join. Commit. Dedicate yourself now to the most exclusive and high-end character creation course in the on-line cg education community. Join the XMD Academy now and let's get to work!

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Course Features

  • Unlimited Life-Time Access to the course!

    As an XMD Academy member, you get unlimited Life-Time access to the course. Every time the course is updated with new content, it is yours to keep!

  • Join an Evergrowing Community

    Join 1000s of artists in an online massive community where you can show your work, get insight, and critiques from fellow industry professionals.

  • Q&A Live Sessions

    You will have the opportunity to be a part of Q&A Live Sessions with the instructor. Each live session will be scheduled on the course calendar and recorded for your viewing later if you happen to miss it.

  • Login 24/7

    All content is digital and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to feed your continuous learning appetite.

  • Included!

    A FREE Premium Life-Time Membership to is included with your course purchase.

  • Over 50 Lectures

    This course has over 50 lectures with 20+ hours of content!

  • Over 65 Bonus Lecture Videos!

    You are also receiving over 65 Bonus Lecture Videos with over 7 hours of content!

  • All Live Session Recordings!

    All previously recorded live sessions are included! Every live session this course has ever taught! This is over 81 Hours of AMAZING CONTENT!

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