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Why Do You Need This Course?

Do you struggle with animal anatomy or creating believable characters with a strong balance of lighting and composition? Are you aiming for realism or stylized? Would you like to break free from reality and create a new world for your creatures to live in?

How it Works

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of how to understand animal anatomy from an artistic point of view and how to simplify their anatomy using primary shapes. It will consist of 7 LIVE 1-on-1 sessions accompanied by 50+ pre-recorded lectures focusing on understanding the form and shape of 3 different foundational species: Lions, Dogs, and Horses.
Original Concept by Sergi Brosa

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What Exactly is This Course?

It is time to level up! These lectures will help you use reference in a more effective way and to gain the confidence to draw animals in any pose you want. Including gesture drawing and painting in black and white to practice the fundamentals of value & lighting. You will start to develop more creativity and freedom when drawing from reference or imagination, which is one of the most important skills to have as a character artist.

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic animal anatomy structure

  • Be able to create hard-surface props and objects 

  • Develop your own drawing style

  • Draw animals from imagination

Your Journey Through the Mentorship

  • Blocking out the forms
  • Lion Anatomy
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Dog Anatomy
  • Line Work and Gestures
  • Values are everything.
  • Dive deep into Shading and Lighting Techniques.
  • Learning the Painting Process.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Message From Your Mentor

    • How to use this course

    • Brush Download

  • 2

    Basic Shapes

    • Lion - Part 1

    • Lion - Part 2

    • Lion - Part 3

    • Horse - Part 1

    • Horse - Part 2

    • Dog - Part 1

    • Dog - Part 2

    • Challenge #1

  • 3

    Lion Anatomy

    • Lion Anatomy - Head - Part 1

    • Lion Anatomy - Head - Part 3

    • Lion Anatomy - Head - Part 2

    • Lion Anatomy - Head - Part 4

    • Lion Anatomy - Ribcage & Spine - Part 1

    • Lion Anatomy - Ribcage & Spine - Part 2

    • Lion Anatomy - Legs - Part 1

    • Lion Anatomy - Legs - Part 2

    • Lion Anatomy - Legs - Part 3

    • Challenge #2 - Part 1

    • Challenge #2 - Part 2

  • 4

    Horse Anatomy

    • Horse Anatomy - Head - Part 1

    • Horse Anatomy - Head - Part 2

    • Horse Anatomy - Ribcage & Spine

    • Horse Anatomy - Legs - Part 1

    • Horse Anatomy - Legs - Part 2

    • Challenge #3 - Part 1

    • Challenge #3 - Part 2

  • 5

    Dog Anatomy

    • Dog Anatomy - Head - Part 1

    • Dog Anatomy - Head - Part 2

    • Dog Anatomy - Ribcage & Spine

    • Dog Anatomy - Legs - Part 1

    • Dog Anatomy - Legs - Part 2

    • Challenge #4 - Part 1

    • Challenge #4 - Part 2

  • 6

    Pencil Work

  • 7

    Basic Rendering Techniques

  • 8

    Keep Yourself Motivated

    • Art Block

    • Personal Work

    • Social Media & Work

    • Challenge #7

  • 9

    Bonus Videos: 3 Headed Wolf Follow-Along (No Sound)

    • Part1

    • Part2

    • Part3

    • Part4

    • Part5

    • Part6

    • Part7

    • Part8

    • Part9

    • Part10

    • Part11

    • Part12

    • Part13

    • Part14

    • Part15

    • Part16

    • Part17

    • Part18

    • Part19

    • Part20

    • Part21

    • Part22

    • Part23

    • Part24

    • Part25

    • Part26

    • Part27

    • Part28

Pricing Options


  • What is the difference between the Live and On Demand Course?

    The Live course includes live interaction with your instructor. There is a private session that only Live students can attend. This happens at least twice a month. There are also live streaming sessions the students can attend. The on demand course does not include instructor interaction. Think of it as a tutorial set.

  • When does the course begin?

    The course begins immediately upon purchase. You get the entire course immediately. No need to wait. Jump in and start today.

  • How do I get feedback and help?

    If you purchase the live class, you have immediate access to your instructor. You can post your homework in the homework sections. You can also email your instructor or catch them on Discord.

  • What happens when registration closes?

    You will have to wait till the next open registration to join the course.

  • How will I know when there are live sessions?

    There is a calendar for every course that will let you know the time and place of every live session.

  • What am I getting for my money?

    This course will change your life. You are not only buying information, you are investing in yourself. The amount of information you will get from this course is insane. If you put the time in, you will grow as an artist.

  • Life-Time Access?

    Yes! You get actual Life-Time Access to any course you purchase. What does this mean? Well, anything that is added, changed, amended, or developed for this course, you will have access to. You will always have access. FOR LIFE!

  • How long are the courses?

    Each courses length can change at any time. It may get longer (never shorter). Every course you take at your own pace. The course can be 5 weeks, or 2 years. It is up to you!

  • What kind of 1 on 1 interaction will I have with my instructor?

    You will have live private sessions with the instructor to get feedback and critiques. You may also contact your instructor in several other ways as well.

Software & Traditional Tool Requirements

  • Photoshop (Trial and Educational Versions Available) Or Equivalent Software
  • Digital Drawing Tablet (Ipad, Wacom, etc)
  • Graphics Tablet (Wacom or similar)
  • A printer will be needed to print some assignments.
  • Graphic pencils with different degrees of hardness (from 2h to 6b or above)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Charcoal Pencil (Optional)
  • Smudge Tool
  • Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers (or Equivalent for Marker Shading/Blending)
  • And last but not least! An Eraser!

Dick Blick has a fairly cheap set of Prisma Color Markers (Not an affiliate Link)

Meet Your Instructor

Ester Conceicao


Consistency is what keeps me motivated to achieve my goals, and nothing is impossible to learn if you put your time and heart to it. Art blocks have been an issue to many artists, yet something I managed to solve by drawing everyday and sharing with other artists. Because of not only my efforts, but the help and support of my amazing family, friends and fellow artists, I have been working as a character artist and illustrator for companies such as Disney, Lightfarm Studios, Retail Monster and many others. It will be a pleasure to share all my years of experience as an artist and help you develop your skills and take your art to the next level!

Course Features

  • Unlimited Life-Time Access to the course!

    As an XMD Academy member, you get unlimited Life-Time access to the course. Every time the course is updated with new content, it is yours to keep!

  • Join an Evergrowing Community

    Join 1000s of artists in an online massive community where you can show your work, get insight, and critiques from fellow industry professionals.

  • Q&A Live Sessions

    You will have the opportunity to be a part of Q&A Live Sessions with the instructor. Each live session will be scheduled on the course calendar and recorded for your viewing later if you happen to miss it.

  • Login 24/7

    All content is digital and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to feed your continuous learning appetite.

  • Included!

    A FREE Premium Life-Time Membership to is included with your course purchase.

  • Over 50 Lectures

    This course has over 50 lectures with 20+ hours of content!

  • Over 65 Bonus Lecture Videos!

    You are also receiving over 65 Bonus Lecture Videos with over 7 hours of content!

  • All Live Session Recordings!

    All previously recorded live sessions are included! Every live session this course has ever taught! This is over 81 Hours of AMAZING CONTENT!

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