Thank You!

I want to congratulate not only the winners but to everyone that participated in the first-ever XMD Scholarship. We had a ton of entries and everyone did an amazing job. 

Not only did you all submit amazing sculpts but the essays were fantastic as well. The winners were chosen on several different factors, but art was always at the top. 

If you did not win this semester, do not worry you will have another chance next semester. Keep working hard, keep practicing and we will see you next semester!

1st Place Winner!

Lukas Kutschera

Congratulations to our first ever XMD Scholarship first place winner!

2nd Place Winner!

Giacomo Fella

3rd Place Winner!

Karin Graf

Runner Ups!

Sourav Kumar

Stephen Anthony

Diego Zanelli

Igor Cvasniuc

Thi Abreu

Otyakovskiy Mark

Abdurrahman Yusuff

Live Winner Announcement

On July 18, 2020 LIVE on we will announce the winners for the XMD Scholarship. Make sure to follow the channel and activate alerts so you don't miss out on the live announcement!
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